Gender Bias In Advertising

Investing in Women | Australian Government
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Investing in Women co-sponsored the 49th Philippine Marketing Association Conference to include a gender lens in the marketing industry. The Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) is a pioneer in promoting awareness of how marketing influences businesses, industries, and academe.
The Challenge
Investing in Women needed a visual presence within the conference to help bring awareness to gender bias in the advertising and marketing industries.

INSPR developed a mini-campaign that aims to challenge industry leaders to be pioneers in addressing gender equality in the industry. The campaign includes a video animation, booklet ad, infographic, and social media materials. A digital themed visual was used to contrast the development of technology in media, and women's role in advertising and marketing.  

Lego Marketing

Integreon was looking to expand its corporate communications services through graphic design. Integreon needed a marketing material that could help clients gauge the team's design capabilities.