World A.I.D.S. Day

INSPR Initiative
Video Animation | Social Media
For decades, HIV and AIDS have ravaged people's lives. Now, with the right treatment people with HIV and AIDS can live a longer and normal life. Despite the progress they still face stigma, making it harder for them to seek treatment.

The challenge was to create a social media awareness campaign for #WorldAidsDay. INSPR needed a campaign that addresses the stigmatization of people with HIV.
The Solution
(Click the Image Below for Carousel View) Stigma often comes from not knowing a topic. The campaign aims to educate the general public about HIV and AIDS. To do this, INSPR crafted a social media carousel for Linkedin and Instagram, and a video animation of Gates' Notes on HIV.

MBCGE Identity

The Myanmar Business Coalition for Gender Equality (MBCGE) is a non-profit association and also a coalition of companies that are committed to promoting gender equality in the workplace in Myanmar.