Act #ForNature - UNEA Closing Message

UN Environment Programme | UN-REDD Programme
Video Animation
Hosted by the UN Environment Programme, the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) brings together representatives of the 193 Member States of the UN, businesses, civil society and other stakeholders to agree on policies to address the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. Behavior and investment changes were some of the highlights of the event, however, for this video INSPR chooses to humanize the message and communicate to whom and what all of the new policies and changes affect.

UNEP tapped the brilliant mind of Louise Mabulo to give a motivational closing message. To give an extra 'punch' to the already powerful message, INSPR created an engaging video animation using a typographic treatment.

Sustainable Forest Trade

Workshop | Social Media | Video Animation
Across the Lower Mekong Region, a new trend for timber trade is emerging, from traditional to a more sustainable forest trade. However challenges and gaps still remain.