Sustainable Forest Trade in the Lower Mekong Region

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) | UN-REDD Programme
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Across the Lower Mekong Region, a new trend for timber trade is emerging, from traditional to a more sustainable forest trade. However challenges and gaps still remain.

Building on the success of 2020's workshop, the United Nations Environment Programme (UN-REDD Programme) worked with INSPR to help strengthen the visual communications for the 2021's workshop.
The Process
Building The look and feel
After defining the stakeholders and audiences, the workshop theme was developed around a contemporary corporate design that integrates the use of both images and vectors. This can be seen throughout all the materials produced for the workshop. It was equally important to build the consistency which can be carried through beyond the workshop.

As soon as the look and feel was established, INSPR started developing the presentations for the workshop. Click the these links to know more about the event: 1.) Key Takeaways, and; 2.) Event Overview
Developing the Key Visuals
Teaser video
INSPR developed a teaser video not only to act as a promotional material and to increase the reach, but this also strategically helps set the tone that this year's workshop is bigger and in some sense there is more urgency and interest to attend.
leveraging the content
The successful workshop produced many brilliant ideas, solutions and important dialogues to put forward. INSPR developed bite-sizable social media cards to keep the momentum of the 2021 workshop beyond the Zoom platform.
The Outcome
The workshop saw over 100% increase in participants from the previous year. Key stakeholders comprising smallholder timber suppliers, traders, financiers, governments and project partners attended to discuss regional trends on timber trade, including the challenges, opportunities and solutions. View the full workshop below:

#UMatter Campaign

Campaign | Event
HIV/AIDS in the Philippines is the fastest-growing in Asia-Pacific. To mitigate the epidemic, and keep up with the United Nation's 90-90-90 goals, the Shell Foundation Philippines, and UNAIDS created a campaign to strengthen the country's commitment to ending HIV/AIDS by 2030.

INSPR was approached to partner and help conceptualize the campaign and develop its visuals.