Agents of Change

Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc.
Social Media Campaign
At the end of 2020, Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc.(PSFI) partnered with INSPR to showcase their humanitarian work in one of the most difficult times in human history.

Like many organizations, PSFI adapted to the new normal and continued inspiring hope, and reshaping lives.

Addressing the Communication Challenge
(Click the Images Below for Carousel View) The big theme for 2020 was the ability to adapt to digital and online communications. COVID-19 was only the beginning of many challenges as the year was not short of obstacles. PSFI's communication strategy was traditionally communicated through print and face-to-face interface. PSFI partnered with INSPR to create, continue, and amplify their social media presence to connect with hard-to-reach areas.


Campaign | Product Design
The #BlackHistoryMonth campaign aims not just to create brand awareness, but to positively impact to the larger social awareness on racial injustices. The campaign tackles both racial and gender perspectives through its HIS and HER stories.