Unilever - Dove | Case Study
Campaign | Product Design
This design campaign proposal for Dove aims to increase brand and product awareness by leveraging on the annual Black History Month. True to its core value, Dove is a member of the U.N. Unstereotype Alliance and ready to respond to consumers demand for strong corporate social responsibility.

This proposal features a limited edition product design, and a traditional and digital campaign activation that promotes awareness through the lens of the consumers.
Product Design Sample
The proposed product design will feature a limited edition design. The design will only be available within the #blackhistory month timeline. The design will feature a matte black color coating which will help the product stand-out and simultaneously show support and solidarity in #blackhistory month campaign.
The Campaign
Augmented Reality | Guerilla Marketing
The campaign will utilize QR code and augmented reality technology as a marketing tool to interact with the audience. By scanning the QR code, the audience will be able to type their story which will appear on their cameras and/or the digital screen, which can also be shared on social media. A campaign that can be personalized and can be identified by the audience will help increase awareness of the advocacy.
Traditional Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Define Your Hero

During the global pandemic, The United Nations, World Health Organization, anDefine Your Hero is a behavior communications campaign that aims to redefine who heroes are and the roles they can play to improve society.