Fighting the Roots of Hunger

Roots to Shoots - Shell Foundation | World Vision International | Manila Water Foundation
Video Animation
Roots to Shoots, a multi-stakeholder program formed to combat hunger and promote health and well-being seeks to expand their program by building on their established pilot province in Camarines Sur, which has the highest ratio of hunger in the Philippines. Roots to Shoots partnered with INSPR to create a video animation highlighting the social and economic implications of hunger, and the steps Roots to Shoots are taking to combat this.
The Problem
Roots to Shoots was in need of a material that they can take to their online and live roadshows that would show the impact of hunger socially and economically, and the impact that their program can do to counteract the problem.

2021 Fire Prevention Month

Video Animation
Since 2013, there were over 80,000 cases of fire incidents in the Philippines. Which is roughly 42 fires per day translating into 95 million dollars annually.