2021 Fire Prevention Month

Pilipinas Shell Foundation | Bureau of Fire Protection - Philippines | Batangas City Government
Video Animation
Since 2013, there were over 80,000 cases of fire incidents in the Philippines. Which is roughly 42 fires per day translating into 95 million dollars annually. During the Fire Prevention Month, Pilipinas Shell Foundation in partnership with the Bureau of Fire Protection and Batangas City Local Government, partnered with INSPR to address help visually communicate the challenges and solutions.
Developing the theme
With the objective to raise awareness and spread information, INSPR carefully curated the content to provide the general audience with background data and information, solutions to the challenges, and a call to action. The objective was further communicated around the theme of prevention and preparedness, with a more hopeful tone considering how the pandemic has changed the overall tone of communications around various advocacies and campaigns.

#Biyahero Campaign

Social Media Campaign
The last quarter of 2020 was an unusual time for Pilipinas Shell Foundation's annual road safety campaign. COVID-19 put all of its live programs on a crossroad.