How Women Feed the World

Embassy of the Netherlands in the Philippines | SPARK! Philippines
Video Animation
Feeding the global population in a sustainable manner is one of the greatest challenges in an urbanizing world. In partnership with the Embassy of The Netherlands in the Philippines, INSPR developed a video animation showing how The Netherlands integrated women's role in transforming the landscape of agriculture, globally.
The Journey - From Concept to Completion
Telling a story of success and opportunity
INSPR was approached to create a compelling story that shows: (1) the gender disparity in the local and global agricultural sector; (2) integration of policy and technology to level the playing field field for women, and; (3) show the opportunities ahead for developing countries.

To visually communicate this, we created a contrast of the past and present state of agriculture between the Netherlands and the Philippines. It then transitions into how we might be able to solve the gaps, and what opportunities lie ahead.
Designing the Video
The entire look and feel of the video was based and the recent rebranding work by the Netherlands. With good use of minimalistic illustrations and negative space, the video animation captures the contemporary look and feel that the brand is aiming for. In addition the colours were purposely used to transition from different points of the story.
The result
The video was utilized in a webinar produced by SPARK! Philippines at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was highly successful and has since led into more partnerships amongst all of the participating organizations

Agents of Change

Social Media Campaign
At the end of 2020, Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc.(PSFI) partnered with INSPR to showcase their humanitarian work in one of the most difficult times in human history.