Interseed Communications Campaign

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Interseed, a Christian-based social media app was set to launch and was in need of a communications and marketing plan. Interseed approached INSPR to create its communications strategy

By conducting a communications workshop, INSPR was able to draw out Interseed's key messages and strenghts, and address the opportunities that were within reach, and beyond. Additionally, INSPR helped develop the website and social media campaign, to help increase digital awareness.
Creating the Communications Strategy
Creative sprint
By directing a creative communications workshop, INSPR was able to help Interseed (1) clearly define their identity in the spiritual and app development space; (2) have a better understanding who their target audiences are and understand their pain points, and; (3) provide measurable solutions for the app launch, and beyond.
Identifying Interseed
(Click the Images Below for Carousel View) To help develop clear and specific key messages, INSPR helped articulate Interseed's identity from who they are and what they do, to their vision, values, and unique value proposition.
Highlighting the key messages
With a better understanding of the then state of Interseed, INSPR focused on 3 major themes where the key messages revolve around. (1)Awareness: To create knowledge / understanding about Interseed app within the next three months; (2)Acceptance: To encourage positive engagement among target users and partners through downloading and sharing the app within the next three months, and; (3)Action: To support fund raising and gather positive reviews about the app within the next 6-12Months. 
Implementing the Strategy
Creating a stylescape
To further visualize Interseed's identity, INSPR developed a stylescape incorporating various brand elements to create a cohesive visual foundation for the campaign. The stylescape uses a contemporary design, utilizing vibrant colors combined with photography and iconography to clearly portray the social aspect of the campaign.
Developing a Digital Footprint
With the goal to "authenticate" the credibility in the digital world, and to increase awareness, INSPR developed Interseed's website and established the social media presence by creating posts that were developed back in the strategy phase, respectively.
Establishing the social media presence
With the goal to increase awareness, INSPR helped establish Interseed's social media presence. Using the key messages, INSPR strategically communicated to the identified target groups which helped translate into organic reach.

How Women Feed the World

Video Animation
Feeding the global population in a sustainable manner is one of the greatest challenges in an urbanizing world. INSPR developed a video animation showing how The Netherlands integrated women's role in transforming the landscape of agriculture, globally.