Women in Business and The Law

INSPR Initiative | The World Bank
Video Animation | Social Media
The initiative aims to create awareness by highlighting the disparity, barriers, and progress of policies that affect women, globally. In a fast-paced era, a 39-page research collected over the last 10 years can be a daunting task for an average reader. The challenge was to summarize and transform the data into a digestible visual for an average reader.
Visualizing the Data
Emphasizing the key points of the report, INSPR created a modern minimalist visual. Creating a versatile infographic which can be distributed internally in its original form and can be sliced into turning it into a carousel, highly effective for Instagram and Linkedin.

Gender Bias in Adevertising

Video Animation | Events
INSPR developed a mini-campaign that aims to challenge industry leaders to be pioneers in addressing gender equality in the industry. The campaign includes a video animation, booklet ad, infographic, and social media materials.